Jiu Jitsu

Ude Garami - Americana Armlock

The Americana Arm Lock (Americana Armlock) is one of the most popular techniques in Jiu Jitsu because we frequently end in side control (next to our partner). This blog post will show you how to perform an Americana Armlock after you've passed someone's guard and you're ready to get the job done.

What is Ude Garami?

"What the heck is Ude Garami? What's an armlock?" you ask. Well, it's a move where you put your arm around their elbow and twist it to make them tap out or cry uncle. Not really, but it's fun to imagine.

How to do an Ude Garami in 5 steps

  1. you're going to come to the top of the lever (grab the wrist)
  2. smash their wrist to the ground
  3. connect to your own wrist with a figure-four grip
  4. bring their elbow towards the hip
  5. painting the wrist
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