What is your mission?

The Grappler Station was formed to change lives by building confident, respectful and healthy leaders. Plain and simple. We know that practicing any grappling art transforms the way people believe in themselves and, at the same time, keeps them grounded and humble.

What makes us different?

  1. Experience & Collaboration:
    • Our instructors have decades of experience teaching students of every level, but also have high-level, international competition experience. We also actively collaborate with the country's best grappling teams to build a comprehensive, world-class curriculum that is used at Olympic Training Centers.
  2. Quality:
    • The Grappler Station philosophy is to provide high-quality in class instruction as well as other learning tools to help amplify your understanding and retention of techniques/concepts. We also reflect our commitment to quality in our facility, which sports a state of the art FUJI Mats flooring system, wifi, sound system, and other amenities.
  3. Community:
    • Our diverse community of individuals and families are our secret sauce. Without question. Whether it's on a tough training day, at an outside event, or at a team BBQ, our people stick together and build lasting friendships. This is what it's all about! 

What is the philosophy of TGS?

To become the most well rounded grappler, we teach Judo and a combination of other grappling arts, using the same modern training techniques utilized at the USA Olympic Training Center. Through The Grappler Station programs, our athletes are constantly challenged to grow and set new goals both inside and outside of our facility. Our core leadership principals are:

  • Stage #1: Grit & Perseverance
  • Stage #2: Confidence
  • Stage #3: Respect & Humility
  • Stage #4: Diversity & Community

These principals are developed in tandem, but we believe that leadership development has lasting impact when developed in these stages. The product of our system is an athlete who understands that there is no substitute for hard work/consistency and that collaboration/team work is critical to reaching our goals.