De Ashi Harai - Forward Foot Sweep

De Ashi Harai (出足払) means forward foot sweep in english and is a foot sweep that is used in judo when your partner is moving. Hitting this throw depends heavily on timing. You want to be sure you're sweeping the foot as it's transitioning and there's not much weight on it.

Learn this in 3 stages:

Stage #1 - No grips

Have your partner take a big step forward have their toes up in the air to help us learn. The less contact that we can have with the ground the easier the foot will slide.

By cupping your foot to the bottom of to their ankle, we're trying to pop their foot straight sideways. Try not to drag it slowly - there will be too much friction with the tatami.

Stage #2 - With grips

Now, with the sleeve and lapel grip, our partner will be extra generous here.

  • our partner takes that same big step forward, toes are up
  • with the sleeve and lapel grip now, we sweep the ankle and the sleeve hand is pushing through their hip
  • the lapel hand is punching up through his face (hands making a wheel action)
  • hold onto the parachute (sleeve grip) as we throw our partner

Stage #2 - With movement

Finally, we're going to add in movement to simulate randori (sparring).

  • with our partner stepping back and forth, we're going to get into a rhythm for the first few steps
  • the foot that we're going to be sweeping isn't the one that's moving, it's going to be this one that's staying still
  • as our partner takes the step back we want to try and catch the front foot as they're loading up their weight on the back foot (when the front foot is lightest)

Kodokan video of De Ashi Harai (出足払):

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