Children's Martial Arts in Minneapolis - St Paul, MN

We teach self-control & respect that will last a lifetime

Through fun games and drills, your child will learn focus and how control their emotions.
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Pre-School Martial Arts in St Paul

We've been there too.
Raising young kids is tough.

Does your child have any of these challenges?
They refuse to listen, no matter how many times you ask.
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They have emotional meltdowns daily over small, controllable things.
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They are shy, and lack the confidence to try new things or meet new kids.
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Staying focused during activities or tasks is very difficult.
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of parents are tired of the temper tantrums and emotional outbursts.
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That's where we come in

Instructors who keep your child engaged while teaching them self-control and respectful habits through Martial Arts.
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#1 Rated Judo Dojo in Minnesota

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“I am seeing grade school kids with maturity and patience of adults. They are teaching my son much more than the arts. Our son wakes up excited on days he knows he has practice.”
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Adam K.  ★★★★★
Member for 2 years
“This is a great place for kids to be challenged and to have fun. It feels like a family and my son loves it!”
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Tanya O.  ★★★★★
Member for 2 years
“Bottom Line: 5 star all around experience - Coaching, Community, and Facility. The Grappler Station is one of the few times I’d give a true 5-star rating.”
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Tom N.  ★★★★★
Member for 4 years
Judo for Pre-Schoolers

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