Reverse Sankaku

Sometimes in judo when you're going for a regular Sankaku from turtle, your partner knows where you're going to roll so you have to change it up and roll the other direction.

How to do Reverse Sankaku

Starting when uke is in turtle position:

  • left hand grabs in the collar
  • right hand on the belt
  • big pull forward to open uke up
  • chop your right heel to hook inside uke's left elbow
  • drop your left knee in between their ear and shoulder so that your heel and knee touch under their chest
  • instead of going to standard way, post with your left hand on the ground and lay to your left side (don't pinch your knees too tight - you don't want to knock uke over, keep them on their knees)
  • using your right heel, flick their elbow up, and chop your left heel into their left armpit
  • re-figure-four your legs around them by grabbing your left foot into the back of your right knee

From your figure four position you can:

  • go for the choke without rolling
  • or you can grab the close leg, pull it over the top and roll through to finish with the pin, choke or arm bar.

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