Testing Week, Cycle 1

Those with red stripes are eligible to test this week.
Grappler Station
Feb 20
Feb 26
See testing requirements

At our dojo, testing for the next belt level is always an exciting time. Students who have a red stripe on their belt are eligible to test, and the entire dojo community comes together to support them.

There is no need to reserve time to test - students can simply test with a sensei during normal class time. The process is very simple: students demonstrate their skills in front of the sensei and then receive feedback.

If they demonstrate proficiency in the techniques and concepts on their testing sheet, then they move up to the next belt level.

If a student needs more practice, they simply keep training until they are ready to try again.Testing is an important part of our dojo community, and we are always excited to see students reach new levels of proficiency. Please let Sensei Max, Sensei Bibi, or Sensei Carl know if you have any questions.