Jiu Jitsu

Chair Sit Series

How to take the back?

  • pull up on the side and post on the head
  • step around, seatbelt grip, knees tight
  • step over, pull the all the way into our back take

What are the steps for the choke?

  • attacking the collar, reaching out for the pants right away
  • trapping the arm - extending for the choke

What if we can't finish the choke?

  • hook underneath the arm, make our figure four lock
  • frame to push them away, bringing my knee over their head -
  • switching 2-on-1 on the wrist, slowly falling back and hipping up for the arm bar
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Georgian Drop O Uchi Gari
March 17, 2023
Sensei Max
Georgian Drop O Uchi Gari